The mills around Ano Sýros

Evaluation: This walk of about an hour is a nice extension of the stroll through Ano Sýros (see the walk Ano Sýros): it follows several trails in the surroundings and passes some mills.
The best time to do this walk is late in the afternoon, for example after 5pm – in the evening, the light and the views on Ano Sýros are really beautiful. Deserves **.
The translation of this walk was made with some help of Google translate - so, do not mind the mistakes...]

Estimated time: The actual walking time (AWT) is approximately one hour. We walked from half past five to half past seven (two hours TWT) and then we spent an hour in the pleasant café "I Apáno Kástro".

Route description:  (0h00) You start your walk in the main street of Ano Sýros - to find it, you could possibly follow the signs "main street", "dimarchío" (town hall) or to the restaurant " Lílys"or the tavern" I Théa "...
In this street you will also see the minimarket "I Ano Sýros", the popular café "I Apáno Kástro" and the restaurant "To Avlidáki."
From the main street, you continue to the west (to the left while looking at the sea): this street is recognizable by the double row of marble slabs of a pale color. The slope of the street is sometimes very steep, and you finally arrive after about 8 minutes at the "Exodos" (the top exit) and near the upper parking.

(0h08) You follow the asphalt road to the left; after 1 minute, you do NOT take a left towards the chapel of Agios Nikólaos (road sign), but you continue straight - and you pass in this way next the “Anemómylos”, a restored windmill.

The Anemómylos.

You keep to the left on the asphalt road, but after another 2-3 minutes, you turn sharply to the left on a paved trail (sign to Agios Athanásios - spring).
You descend for about 4 minutes, you pass another windmill and you get to a cross-trail: to the left, the path returns to Ano Sýros, but you should go to the right now. A little further, you keep to the left and descend in the deep valley: on the right you can visit Agios Athanásios, on the left side there is a concrete staircase that descends - but first of all, you can go straight towards the source, which lies under a beautiful plane tree.

(0h20) You retrace your steps and you go down the concrete stairs to the right, until you get in front of a pumping station which is located in the valley. You continue until you arrive against the wall of the building, there you go left and you step over a pipe that lies in the grass - and you find a small path that leads to a staircase in ruins, which already you had noticed during your descent.

The trail on the slope that leads to the ruins of 2 mills.

(0h23) You now climb beside 2 pipes and while climbing, the view of Ano Sýros and Ermoúpolis with its port becomes more and more beautiful! A stretch of this trail is obstructed by vegetation, but after 6 minutes, you reach a vague path between walls - it is now that you must be careful. You should not continue straight on the rocky slope, but you should take the obvious path between walls to the LEFT - it leads straight to the ruins of two mills which are located above.

View on the Anemómylos and an other windmill.

After 4-5 minutes already you arrive near those mills - you continue up to the left of the second mill and you find yourself on a real balcony that offers a magnificent view on Ano Sýros, on the entire city of Ermoúpolis, on the other hill with the Orthodox Cathedral of the Anástasis, and on the harbor with its shipyards.

The ruins of the two mills.

Views on Ano Sýros and on Ermoúpolis, from the ruins of the mills.

(0h33) In order to continue your walk, you have to cross the hill that is more or less flat, in the direction of the sunset (there are also two poles). Once arrived at the edge of the plateau, you can pass through a gap in the wall and reach a beautiful trail, which comes from the right and from the big church with the red roof of Agia Paraskeví. You descend to the left.
The broad staircase zigzags right and then left, and then descends straight to the shipyards. After 5 minutes, you arrive at a sort of terrace, where there is a path that continues to the left (signposted Portára Ano Sýrou). You follow this beautiful trail while enjoying the magnificent views!

The nice monopáti that returns to Ano Sýros.

(0h49) You reach a bridge and a concrete road (there is unfortunately also a true discharge of garbage ...). You follow the concrete road upwards, but in the first left turn, you can go straight to enter Ano Sýros. You continue on a road that climbs gently, but then you climb to the left, higher and higher, while following steep streets - with a little luck, you thus arrive in the main street. You pass the Dimarchío, the minimarket and a few cafés and restaurants. (0h58)

[There are two very pleasant places where you can conclude the day: café "I Apáno Kástro" is located in the main street and has a beautiful terrace with a splendid view over the city of Ermoúpolis with its pastel colours. And then there is also a café "Syrianoón kafepotío" which is located a little higher - small blue signs can take you there ...]

Panoramic view from Ano Sýros.


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