DOLPHIN APARTMENTS, Agios Geórgios, Antíparos
Dolphin Apartments, a very comfortable, ideally situated and very pleasant kind of accommodation

Panoramic view on the sea, from Dolphin Apartments

General view

Dolphin Apartments is located on the south coast of Antíparos, in the village of Agios Geórgios, opposite the deserted island of Despotikó .

The hotel offers you 10 spacious studios for 2-3-4 persons, situated around a beautiful garden, with a great swimming pool. There are a few nice outdoor terraces, where you can have breakfast, lunch, or just a drink – always with a marvellous panoramic view on the sea and on the island of Despotikó .

The main assets of Dolphin Apartments are:

- a wonderful and very peaceful domain
- well-cared-for rooms with a beautiful view
- a great breakfast
- a personal atmosphere with a perfect service
- a garden with a magnificent swimming pool – a great place to relax!
- a number of beaches in the vicinity
- an ideal point of departure for guided or non-guided hikes
- special arrangements


A wonderful domain with well-cared-for rooms and a nice breakfast

The entrance of Dolphin Apartments

The studios are built around the garden

One out of the ten studios

The elegant swimming pool is surrounded by a very pleasant garden, with 10 studios:

- the studios cater for 2, 3 or 4 persons

- the studios are individual and they are tastefully furnished

- they all have a spacious balcony with a view on the garden, the swimming pool and the sea at their disposal

- a fully-equipped kitchen (cooking rings, microwave, coffee-maker, cooking utensils...)

- a nice bathroom, a disinfected toilet

- breakfast is served in the room, or in the very pleasant breakfast rooms (orange juice, toast, coffee or tea, eggs, cheese, cake, marmalade, yoghurt...)


A very peaceful location

The straits of Despotikó

Magnificent sunsets above
Despotikó and Sífnos

Dolphin Apartments is located in the village of Agios Geórgios , in the south of Antíparos:

- a very quiet location, close to the sea

- unique sunsets

- free transfer to the ferry at Poúnta-Antíparos

- free transport to the town of Antíparos, to the cave of  Agios Ioánnis, etc...


A very pleasant swimming pool, small beaches at walking distance

The swimming pool ...

... seems to lead to the sea

Sea and water bring you some relaxing moments:

- the beaches are in the vicinity

- during the hikes you can also visit the marvellous beaches of Monastíria, Agios Sóstis or Livádi (at Despotikó)

- the swimming pool is thé eye-catcher of Dolphin Apartments


A personal atmosphere with a perfect service – special arrangements

An excellent breakfast

Dinner is prepared by Magda and Alyki

The host takes care of the barbecue

Dolphin Apartments combines hospitality with a perfect service and many special arrangements:

- a very personal service by hostess Magda, host Michalis and their daughter Alyki

- a lot of sightseeing possibilities:
   * the cave of Agios Ioánnis with its famous stalactites
   * the archaeological site at Despotikó
   * the town of Antíparos with its kástro

- trips by fishing boat

- agricultural activities such as beekeeping, the production of cheese, wine or tsípouro...

- guided or non-guided walks to Monastíria, to the cave of Agios Ioánnis, Faneroméni and to the beach of Agios Sóstis, Despotikó, the beach of Livádi, Antíparos and the beaches of Diplá and Sifneďkós Gialós...

- special wedding arrangements

- special arrangements and offers for early bookings

For all special offers and arrangements, see:
Special offers of Dolphin Apartments.