Chóra Iou

Evaluation: It is really worthwhile to take your time to peacefully stroll through the town of Chóra, preferably when it is quiet, for instance in the morning or at sunset. These walks get an evaluation of ***. 

Estimated time: The climb up to the 3 small churches takes about 10 minutes; the short walk to the mills only takes some 5 minutes; and the walk to the church of Agii Anárgyri, on the other hill, will only cost you 7 minutes.

Route description 1 to the churches

The three chapels dominating Chóra, with on the left the Mitrópoli.

(0h00) You always leave from the little square at the Mitrópoli, the main church with the blue dome. Over there you take the Odós Syndésmou Iítoon to the left, on the left-hand side of the small shop Theros. Almost immediately you take a left again, you walk through a gallery and you thus arrive at the café Moonlight, where you have a nice view on the bay with the harbour and on the island of Síkinos. 

(0h03) Directly after the bar you take the narrow staircase street off the right, going up between the houses, the Odós Christoú. After the second sign "Odós Christoú" you go up on the left, on a narrow staircase continuing between the houses. After 3 minutes already you thus get to the first chapel, the chapel of Agios Elefthérios.

The path that climbs to the chapels.

You climb up for another 3 minutes until you reach the two highest chapels, first the chapel of Agios Geórgios and then the one of Agios Nikólaos. 

(0h10) Up here you have a marvellous panoramic view with on your left the island of Santoríni, then Síkinos with Folégandros beyond, then the islands of Mílos and Sífnos, Páros behind the hill and Náxos on the far right. Over here the sun set is often very beautiful.

Sun set from the hill of Chóra - the sun sets behind the island of Sífnos.

The staircase leading to the mills.

Route description 2 to the mills:

(0h00) You leave again from the little square at the Mitrópoli, the main church with the blue dome. You take the Odós Syndésmou Iítoon to the left, on the left-hand side of the shop Theros, and you continue on this paved main street for some 5 minutes. You DO NOT take a left immediately (see above), nor do you go right into the small street. Further on you keep to the right twice and after 2 minutes you thus arrive at a nice little square – in the morning this is a very quiet spot, but in the evenings the bars make a lot of noise... You continue on the main street, you walk on the right of the small library of Ios and you also pass a pantopolío and a bakery. After 5 minutes you get to the foot of the beautiful and broad staircase leading to the mills.

(0h05) You go up on the right and you arrive at one of the most famous spots of Chóra, the row of mills, where you can still find the ruins of 12 mills, up on this very windy crest. Currently, the mills are being renovated with financial aid of the European Union.  

The famous mills of Ios.

A beautiful view from the mills on Chóra and the little chapels.

Route description 3 to Agii Anárgyri:

(0h00) Also for your third short exploration you leave from the small square at the Mitrópoli, the main church with the blue dome. You take the Odós Mitropíleoos on the right and you thus arrive at the back side of the large church, near two small and very picturesque churches. 

A little church behind the Mitrópoli.

You keep to the right between these two churches and you reach the very large central square, which is in fact situated between the hill with the ancient Chóra and a hill with a newer part.
At one of the sides of the square, on the right, you notice the dimarchío or city hall, the Tourist Office and the bus station.
You cross the platía in the direction of the other hill and on the asphalt road you take the small concrete street off the right of the tourist office Acteon and the super market Rollan. On your right-hand side you see the remains of an old water tank with an iron lift system.

(0h03) The concrete road passes hotel Lofos – but at this place you should watch out, because the beginning of the old staircase is really hidden away. After 1,5 minutes, when you get to the house with the red windows, you should take a right towards the Lofos Village Hotel. Immediately before this hotel there is a narrow alley or stenáki off the left, leading to a whitewashed staircase. In this way you reach the chapel of Agii Anárgyri.

On the top of the hill of Agii Anárgyri.

(0h07) Over here you have a nice view on the entire town of Chóra with the hill and the three chapels, but also on the other side, on a nice little bay and the beach of Mylopótas. This beach does not even seem that far away, but unfortunately there is no trail going that way. 

View on Chóra from Agii Anárgyri.


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