Evaluation: From Agios Geórgios, in the south of Antíparos, you can make half a daytrip to the deserted island of Despotikó. Over there you can find an archaeological site and you can also swim at the little beach near Panagía. This trip gets an evaluation of **.

Estimated time: You could for instance take the boat to Despotikó at 10.30am and return around 3pm.

Route description: The boat either leaves from the landing stage at Hotel Dolphin or from the landing stage at the three restaurants, closer to the chapel of Agios Geórgios.

Usually, the boat first sails along the southwest coast of Antíparos, to have a view on the steep cliffs, a couple of caves and some arches.

A nice arch on the coast of Antíparos.

The boat then crosses the straits between Antíparos and Despotikó and it sails on the left-hand side of the tiny little island of Kimitíri, where some graves have been found. The name “kimitíri" is related to the French word ‘cimetičre’ and the English word ‘cemetery’and it is derived from the ancient Greek "koimamai", which means ‘to sleep’.

The straits between Antíparos and Despotikó.

General view on Despotikó.

From the landing stage at Despotikó it is a seven-minutes-walk to the sanctuary of Apollo, where the excavations are still going on. Next to the sanctuary dating from the 6th-5th centuries BC, also an altar for the goddess Estia Isthmia has been found.

Excavations on Despotikó.

After this visit, the boat continues along the coast, until it reaches the church of Panagía, where you also find a small beach.

The simple little church of Panagía.

 If you, just like we, happen to be present on the eve of the festival, the "panagýri" (on the 28th of May), you are lucky, because you will get free and delicious food: grilled meat, wine, etc.

After a few hours on this beach, the boat will bring you back to Agios Geórgios.

Sunset on the straits between Antíparos and Despotikó.

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