Filóti - Agios Ioánnis and back

Evaluation: This short walk follows a path that is visible from Filóti and climbs gently on the slopes of the hill of Agios Ioánnis. The walk itself is not that interesting, but the view at the top is really fantastic: you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of Filóti, Mount Zas and the whole interior of Náxos. Deserves **.
[The translation of this walk was made with some help of Google translate - so, do not mind the mistakes...]

Estimated time: This walk requires, in actual walking time (AWT), a little less than 40 minutes for the ascent and a half hours for to return road. Therefore you should count on a total time (TWT) of two hours...

Route description: (0h00) The crossing close to the bus stop in Filóti is often a very busy spot: it is a junction of the roads to Chalkí, to Agia Marína, Apíranthos and Apóllonas and to Damariónas. Most of the taverns and shops are situated nearby.
This time, you should take the narrow road opposite to the outdoor terrace of the nice kafenío O Plátanos
– it leads to Damariónas. Here you are at a height of 460 meters.
After 9 minutes, there is a small paved road to the right just after the bridge, on the left there is a filling station and a large electricity pole – and just beyond this pole, there is a fairly wide path that goes up to the left .

(0h13) You keep to the right after 4 minutes, and you are now walking to the left of a gray metal fence, which will continue along your path throughout the ascent.
Very quickly, you have a beautiful view of Filóti. At first the trail is covered with fine gravel, but later, it was only recently paved. You climb continuously, at a leisurely pace, and after 6 minutes, you go through a gate.

The trail climbs to the summit of Agios Ioánnis.

(0h33) After a total of 20 minutes, you arrive at a sort of rocky plateau - it serves as a parking lot, located at the end of the small asphalt road that arrives here after a climb on the other side of the hill.

The hill of Agios Ioánnis.

On the slope to the left of you, you discover a vague and stony path, that leads to your goal. You keep a little to the left of the summit itself and so you find a clear path that winds to the passage, painted in white, which leads to the summit.
You are at a height of 600 meters, which means that you have made an ascent of about 140 meters. (0h37)

The summit itself is quite narrow and only offers place to the chapel of Agios Ioánnis.

The chapel of Agios Ioánnis, with in the background the summit of the Zas.

The view on the Zas, on Filóti and the sea of olive trees in the plain of Tragéa (with Chalkí and Moní, a bit higher) is just fantastic.

The Zas, a view from the hill of Agios Ioánnis., 

Panoramic view on Filóti, from the hill of Agios Ioánnis.

(0h37) The way back is obvious :
- 3 minutes downhill until the parking
- 10 minutes on the paved path, then 5 more minutes on gravel
- at the end of the grey fence, you do NOT follow the faint trail that continues straight, but you veer left
- you go down for 3 more minutes, and you get in this way to the asphalt road, where you go right
- another 9 minutes, and you are back in the center of Filóti. (1h07)


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