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N = new in 2011
NN = new in 2012

1. Ano Meriá (Agios Andréas) - Agios Sóstis - Agios Geórgios and back ***

2. Ano Meriá (Agios Andréas) - Agios Sóstis - Agios Geórgios - Fournídes - Agios Sóstis - Ano Meriá (Agios Andréas) ***  NN

3. Ano Meriá (Elpída) - Serfiótiko - Ano Meriá (Agios Andréas)

4. Ano Meriá (Kyparisáki) - Sýllaka - Ano Meriá (Stavrós)

5. Ano Meriá (Merovígli) - Agios Pandeleímonas - Ambéli - Vársamo - Ano Meriá (Merovígli)

6. Ano Meriá (Merovígli) - Livadáki - Asprópountas and back NN

7. Ano Meriá (Merovígli) - Livadáki - Giórgi t' Aga - Angáli - Chóra ***
(version 2008)

8. Ano Meriá (Merovígli) - Livadáki - Asprópountas - Giórgi t' Aga - Angáli - Chóra ****  NN
(version 2012)

9. Ano Meriá (Stavrós) - Giórgi t' Aga - Agia Paraskevi - Stavrós - Chóra ***

10. Chóra - Deftéra Parousía - Agios Nikólaos and back

11. Chóra - Christós - Fyrá Angáli - Chóra

12. Chóra - Christós - Fyrá - Angáli - Agios Nikólaos -Ano Meriá (Stavrós)

13. Chóra - Petoúsis - Livádi - Loustria - Karavostásis

14. Chóra - Christós - Fyrá - Angáli - Agios Nikólaos - Giórgi t' Aga - Ano Meriá (Theológos) ***  NN

15. Chóra - Stavrós - Agia Paraskeví -  Giórgi t' Aga - Agios Nikólaos and back

16. Chóra - Stavrós - Agia Paraskeví -  Giórgi t' Aga - Ano Meriá (Stavrós) ***

17. Chóra - Stavrós - Agia Paraskeví -  Giórgi t' Aga - Ano Meriá (Theológos) ***

18. Chóra - Stavrós - Agia Paraskeví - Giórgi t' Aga - Lighthouse Asprópountas and back ***  N

19. In and around Chóra ***

Folégandros is a quite mountainous and at first sight desolate island, in the central-southern Cyclades. The surface area is 32 km² and it is inhabited by only 600 people – since the flight from agriculture. Every day there is a boat line from the Piraeus to Kýthnos, Sérifos, Sífnos and Mílos (with the Adamantios Koraïs), and three times a week this line continues to Folégandros, Síkinos, Ios  and Santoríni.
From April to October, there is also a rapid connection Piraeus - Sífnos - Mílos - Folégandros - Santorini and back (with every day a departure from Piraeus at 7h00 a.m. - this line is provided by the Seajet 2 or the Super Jet).
In this way, the harbour of Karavostásis at Folégandros can be reached after 8-9 hours by means of a regular ferry; when you take the High Speed
, it only takes about 4 hours.
An other interesting boat line connects Folégandros with Sýros, Páros, Náxos, Ios, Síkinos, Kímolos ans Mílos, once a week. This boat line is made by the Artemis, the successor of the Aqua Jewel and the Aqua Spirit and of the old Panagía Tinoú and Panagía Chozoviótissa. 

From the not very interesting harbour of Karavostásis there are quite a lot of busses to the main town of Chóra, which is situated only three kilometres away. Chóra is marvellously located on the edge of a staggeringly high cliff: the best way to get an impression of this location is to have a look at the sea from the bus square at the entrance of Chóra. Also by walking to the fairly modern, but marvellously situated Panagía-church (dating from the 19th century) you can get an idea of the remarkable location of Chóra. The town itself is very attractive because there are many squares with restaurants and terraces, which create a really pleasant atmosphere. The most beautiful aspect of this town is the kástro. This is actually a village in the town, an enclosed unit that shows you one of the most authentic Cycladic habitations. Founded by Marco Sanudo in the 12th century, this kástro is still a very beautiful spot, to be compared with the village of Kástro on the island of Sífnos.

The other town, Ano Meriá, is an elongated community; it is only interesting because it is the point of departure for many hikes. There is also a Folk Museum that is worth a visit. A couple of times a day there is a bus connection with Chora and via this bus line you can also get to the beach of Angáli.

Angáli is the most beautiful beach of Folégandros. From there you can go to the beaches of Agios Nikólaos and Fyrá on foot. You can also go for a swim in the bays of Livadáki, Agios Geórgios, Serfiótiko, Katérgo or Voriná, but you can only reach these places on foot.   

With regard to hiking Folégandros is quite interesting. From Chóra you can hike to the beaches around Angáli or to Katérgo and Karavostásis, but especially from Ano Meriá there are plenty of trails to the north-western or south-western coasts. The trail network is quite extensive, so there are many possibilities - the most interesting are

- the walk Chóra - Giórgi t' Aga - Asprópountas - Livadáki - Ano Meriá
- the walks between Chóra and Agios Nikólaos (also via the beaches of Fyrá and Angáli
- the two walks from Ano Meriá to the beach of Agios Geórgios.

There is a good Road map (n° 104) with the islands Folégandros and Síkinos, with a lot of hiking trails. On the island itself you can buy an other nice hiking map, with a lot of indicated hiking trails (published by Demo, Likavittou 17, Athens).  
But in the course of spring 2009 another map of Folégandros appeared, now in the series of Terrain Maps: this map is very detailed and gives on the back side a short description of 8 walks.

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Panoramic view on Chóra

Inside the kastro

The Piátsa, in Chóra

Monopáti to the bays of Fyrá and Angáli

The bay of Angáli


The splendid monopáti to Agios Geórgios