Iraklia: Agios Geórgios - Voriní Spiliá and back


Evaluation: Iraklia is mostly a heaven of peace, where many trails invite you to hike - but there are not many beaches, except in the port of Agios Geórgios and on the beautiful beach of Livádi .
This short walk takes you to the small beach of Voriní Spiliá. The walk deserves **.
[26  September 2015.]
[The translation of this walk was made with some help of Google translate - so, please, do not mind the mistakes...]

Estimated time
: The way out as well as the return only require 35 minutes (AWT).

Route description
:  (0h00) From the edge of the water in Agios Geórgios (or Káto Chorió ), you follow the main street into the village. The street is paved and passes to the right of the taverna / minimarket To Perigiáli .
You continue to follow the main street and near the bifurcation (with crèperie To Pérasma), you should take the LEFT street in the direction of the church with the blue dome.

While following the concrete road to the church, you see the first signposting [7]. You continue beyond the church Taxiárchis, where you keep to the right.

(0h10) You keep to the left at the next bifurcation (road sign "Agios Athanasios / Panagía / Cave + [7] on a pole). The gravel road is sometimes covered with concrete and arrives after 2-3 minutes near the chapel of Agios Ioánnis - just BEFORE the chapel, there is a trail to the right [8]  - all the other walks, to the cave, to Agios Athanásios or Panagiá, follow path
[7] that continues straight.
(0h10) You thus take the narrow road to the RIGHT, to the right of a gate [8]. Two minutes later, you continue straight on a narrow brownish trail between walls (large cairn); this rocky path climbs very slowly. After 7-8 minutes you veer slightly to the left, always between walls [8].

(0h22) You begin a gradual descent and while veering to the left and further to the right you discover the protected bay of Voriní Spiliá. The trail becomes rocky and arrives in a slight depression, where you continue straight ahead [8]. You descend a little on the eroded rocks, and then you continue through the vegetation - you follow the cairns and marks [8], while you remain at about 10 meters above the water. You veer left on a clearer path and you see the small beach in front of you.

(0h35) The beach is small - fortunately garbage was collected and put in plastic bags. There is no shade.

For your return, you climb at the end of the beach on the rocks and you continue between vegetation [8] to the path; you climb slightly and continue at about 5 meters above the water. You climb slowly again, then you veer to the right while following the cairns and [8]. You still veer right, away from the water, and you continue through the vegetation and on eroded rocks.

(0h41) You go through the depression and you veer to the left; the climb on a clear path is still slow, then you arrive between low walls. Later, you climb faster on a very rocky path, you veer to the right and the bay disappears behind you.

(0h47) You continue between walls [8], you still veer right after 4 minutes, and then you start going down very slowly, always between walls. Towards the end, the trail becomes rather a small sandy road, which soon gets to the main road.

(0h59) You continue for 4 minutes to the left on gravel or concrete; you thus reach the village, you keep to the left near the church and you continue straight to the edge of the water. (1h09)