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**** = exceptional

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1. Chorió ***

2. Chorió - Agia Kyriakí - Agii Anárgyri - Chorió

3. Chorió - Agii Anárgyri - Paleókastro - Agióklima and back ****

4. Chorió - Agii Anárgyri - Skiádi - Elleniká - Mavrospília - Dékas - Agios Pandeleímonas - Chorió ****  + Gpx

5. Chorió  - Agii Anárgyri - Skiádi - Petalída - Chorió ****

6. Chorió - Agii Anárgyri - Sklávos - Agios Vasílios - Profítis Ilías - Chorió ***

7. Chorió - Agios Grigóris - Génnisi Theotókou - Chorió

8. Chorió - Dékas - Elleniká and back ***

9. Chorió - Korakiés - Monastíria - Soúfi and back ***  + Gpx

10. Chorió - Livadáki - Pígados - Agios Geórgios and back ***  + Gpx

11. Chorió - Psáthi - Chorió

12. Chorió - Psáthi - Goúpa - Agios Nikólaos - Klíma - Xaplovoúni - Chorió

Together with the island of Mílos and the uninhabited Polúaigos, Kímolos makes up the group of islands south of Sífnos. The surface area of Kímolos itself is 36 km2 – with regard to size this island can in fact be compared to Folégandros, Antíparos or Anáfi. About 730 people live on this island, of which 500-600 in the capital of Chorió. 

Throughout the year there are boat connections with Kímolos from the Piraeus, usually with the Adamantios Koraďs. This line first stops on the islands of Kýthnos, Sérifos and Sífnos, and after a trip of some 6.5 hours you arrive at Kímolos. From there the boat continues to Mílos, Folégandros, Síkinos, Ios and Santoríni.
There are also the Aqua Jewel and the Artemis (until 2008 it was the old Panagía Choziviótissa...), connecting various Cyclades a few times a week, which brings you from Kímolos directly to Páros, Sýros and even to Tínos, Andros and Kéa.

For a fast connection with the other islands you can also take the ferry from Psáthi to Pollónia, on the north-eastern point of Mílos; this ferry – at the moment it is the Panagía Faneroméni – usually makes the crossing 5-6 times a day and the trip only takes half an hour. From the harbour of Milos, Adamás, there are many more boat connections.

In contrast with its large neighbour Mílos, the little and mountainous island of Kímolos only receives few tourists. Nevertheless, the pleasure boats making - really great -  round trips around the islands of Mílos in summer do stop at Kímolos. Chorió and the entire interior of Kímolos have remained very authentic and there is still not a lot of construction on the island. Based on our experience we would argue that at present Kímolos might be the best preserved island of the Cyclades.

Psáthi is the only arrival harbour. It is really a tiny harbour with a few bars on the quay. Chorió is the capital of Kímolos and it is a typical Cycladic village, dominated by the row of mills of Xaplovoúni. There is also a beautiful kástro, of which many houses have fallen into ruins. The south-eastern part of the island is most densely populated and the rest of the island can actually only be reached on foot or via dirt roads. In this south-eastern part you can also find some fishing villages, such as Goúpa and Agios Nikólaos, with the typical boat garages you can also see on Mílos.

Kímolos is a great place to hike, especially on the western half of the island. Although the ancient trail from Chorió to Paleókastro has partly become a gravel road, there are still a whole lot of marvellous monopátia around this road, among others in the mountainous region between the highest summit of the Paleókastro (364 m), the Profítis Ilías and the Sklávos (358 m). By means of really great hiking trails you can also walk to the magnificent beaches of Dékas and Mavrospília or Elleniká.  

In 2009 finally appeared a very good map in the series of Terrain Maps (together with Mílos). This map is very detailed and the hiking trails are very reliable.   

Worth mentioning is definitely the beautiful website established by teachers and pupils of the gymnásio in Kímolos, as a result of a project set up by the school in school year 2003-2004. Next to some historical and geological information, the site (in Greek and in English) also contains information on the fauna and flora of the island. Very interesting is a description of six walks – with very decent maps -, of which one is located on the nearby and uninhabited island of Polýaigos. See

Really great walks are:
- the walk Chorió - Agii Anárgyri - Skiádi - Mavrospília - Chorió 
- the walk Chorió - Agii Anárgyri - Paleókastro - Agióklima and back
- the walk Chorió - Dékas - Elleniká and back. 

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General view of Chorió with the row of mills on Xaplovoúni

The kástro in Chorió

The bay of Monastíria

The little harbour of Psáthi

The Skiádi