Kíni - Delfíni - Varvaroússa and back

Evaluation: This walk connects the well- known beach of Kíni with the less popular beach of Delfíni, and then continues with a beautiful path to the lovely and lonely beach of Varvaroússa. Starting from here, there are other paths to Papoúri - see the hike Papoúri - Varvaroússa and ( according to the Anávasi-map) even to Chartianá - but the latter path is still not to be found.
This promenade that connects the three beaches, is worth **, but the beach of Varvaroússa deserves ***.
[The translation of this walk w
as made with some help of Google translate - so, do not mind the mistakes...]

Estimated time: The actual walking time (AWT) lasts for only 25 minutes until Delfíni, and then you will need a little less than half an hour to reach Varvaroússa. The way back takes almost as much, about 50 minutes in total. The AWT thus amounts to 1h45, but the total time (TWT) can be the double – this depends on the time you will spend on the beaches...

Route description
 [There are not a lot of bus connections at Sýros, so you should better take a taxi or a rented car to Kíni.]

(0h00) In Kíni you walk to the right along the beach promenade and at the far end you go up the concrete staircase. In this way, you get to a small house with some barking – but tied up – dogs; this is the start of the beautiful path, running all the way above the sea. After a few minutes already you can see the small island of Delfíni; the trail is easy and very pleasant, although the rocky capes are not really inviting.

(0h16) After some 15 minutes the bay of Delfíni appears and another 5 minutes later you arrive at the beach already. The beach consists of pebbles and sand; there is no shadow, but there is a tavern at the far end.

The bay of Delfíni.

[If you would like to continue along the coast, to the beach of Varvaroússa, you should walk to the other side of the beach. Over there, a little higher up and between the beach and a wall, you will find an obvious trail.

[Already in 2007, I had tried to walk up to the beach of Varvaroússa: following the Anávasi-map, I thought that the trail that continued at the end of the beach and near the edge of the water, was the right path - this trail however came to a dead end after some time ...

In August 2008, Philippe Lutz sent me a mail with information about the right path! He wrote: "The right path does not follow the sea, but goes much higher. The trailhead is at the back of the tavern Delfini. "
With these clarifications, I was able to find the right path, on May 26, 2009

You could also have a look at the magnificent site of Philippe, with beaufiful photos od the Cyclades – see  www.la-photo-of-jour.com!]

(0h26) You this may not take the obvious path at the end of the beach of Delfíni that continues straight, but you should walk a bit to the right, inland, to pass through the narrow passage between a wall and the restaurant.
When the gravel road turns right beyond another restaurant, you see a gate on the left, next to a wall that runs upwards and at first sight seems completely useless (red marks) . You pass smoothly through the bars of the closed gate, then you follow the path that winds up quickly and offers a beautiful view of the bay.

Looking behind you towards the bay of Delfíni.

(0h39) About 7 minutes later, the gravel road becomes more vague and turns right, but you see in front of you a narrow gravel path. You climb on this trail, which passes after a few minutes through a breach in a wall (colored markings). The climb is steady and you see many yellow, blue and red marks. You finally arrive on a rocky cape, from where you enjoy a truly wonderful view over the bay of Varvaroússa with in front of it in the deep blue waters the islet of the same name.

(0h44) Pay attention now: do not go too far on the cape - unless you want to take a few photos - but continue right through a breach in the wall (red mark). Many blue arrows and crosses show you the right path now - the brownish path is steep indeed, but very clear, and there are red marks or cairns.

The nice bay of Varvaroússa.

(0h54) You finally arrive at the beach passing again through a breach in a wall, right next to the water. Varvaroússa is truly an amazing beach, composed both of sand and pebbles, and you can easily spend a few hours over here. There are no trees, indeed, but the water is calm; the sea is shallow, so the water is not too cold, even so early in the year. There is a little island in front of the bay – and since the beach is totally deserted, you might even want to swim naked.

The splendid beach of Varvaroússa..

[You could continue to Papoúri, see the second part of the walk Papoúri - Varvaroússa.
We will now describe in detail the way back to Delfíni and Kíni, in case you come from Papoúri, because in this case you didn’t follow the way out Kíni - Delfíni - Varvaroússa ...]

(0h54) The trailhead is almost invisible, as the path runs on a slope covered with green bushes.
But at the end of the beach (to the left, facing the sea), there is next to the edge of the water a breach in the wall that descends to the sea: it is here that a brownish path starts winding up.
From time to time, there are cairns and colored markings, which help to follow the red and brown path that rises quickly in zigzags between the pale rocks. Above, it becomes more difficult to follow the trail, but suddenly there are also blue crosses.

(1h06) You thus arrive easily in front of a gray wall, after 12 minutes: here you can continue to the southeast, passing through a breach. On the narrow cape, you find indeed an obvious trail that continues to the left – by the way, you see already the bay of Delfíni in front of you.
You also enjoy a nice view on many islands – you can see (from the left to the right) Sérifos with the islet Vous in front of it, then the triangular shape of Serfópoula, the long island of Kýthnos, and Kéa, just to the west; closer to you, you still see Giáros, the tip of Evia and to the far right the tip of Andros.
The descent is pleasant and very obvious - and the blue or green marks and arrows are really superfluous.

(1h14) After 8 minutes, you again pass through a breach in a wall (green arrow) and you continue to go down. A few minutes later, you get to the gravel road that you follow straight of course.
You arrive down after a total of 28 minutes, not far from the beach of Delfíni. The gate is closed, but fortunately, you can pass through the bars (red mark). You take a right alongside two restaurants and you arrive on the beach.

(1h16) You follow the edge of the water for 5 minutes and at the end of the beach, you find the continuation of the path. The return from the lonely beach of Delfíni to the more touristic beach of Kíni is obvious and requires approximately 25 minutes. (1h46)

[In May 2009, the last bus from Kíni to Ermoúpolis was at 5.20pm or at 8.20pm.]

Back in Kíni.

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