Léfkes - Kavouropótamos - Aspro Chorió

Evaluation: Like the classic walk on Páros, the "Byzantine road" - see the walk Léfkes - Pródromos and return - this walk is really beautiful, because it makes that you get acquainted with an unknown kalderími which is almost as beautiful as the Byzantine path.
Certainly deserves ***.
[Update on the 8th of May 2018.]
The translation of this walk w
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Estimated time
: The actual walking time until the trail that descends to the chapel of Agios Nikólaos is 1h15. The descent to the chapel and especially the kalderími to the valley of the Kavouropótamos give you a real walking pleasure during half an hour! Finally, you follow unknown roads until Apro Chorió, a walk of a little over half an hour. The actual walking time (AWT) thus amounts to 2h15, but the total time (TWT) can reach 3-4 hours - we walked from 11am to 2pm.
The bus that returned to Léfkes or Parikiá arrived at 10 to 3.

Route description:
  [From Parikiá there are regular buses to Léfkes, Pródromos, Márpissa, Dryós and Aspro Chorió. If you come by car or motorcycle and you are approaching Léfkes, you should take the asphalt road leading to the city center off the left. Near the bus stop, where the road takes a left to continue to Márpissa, you can park the car ...]

(0h00) Near the bus stop where the road turns left towards Márpissa, you continue straight on the paved street (road sign Léfkes). You keep to the while following the main street and you thus pass below the Xénia hotel, the city hall and the school. You continue to follow the main street that veers left next to a nice little park with the war memorial - and this is the moment when you should pay attention: you should take the paved street that goes up to the right (sign "dead end street"). You now continue straight, the street becomes narrower between the houses and leads to a cross-road.

(0h05) You turn left and immediately right and then right again: you go up to the end of the houses, where a trail begins straight. The obvious rocky trail ascends next to a valley, becomes cemented and gets after 3 minutes to a small asphalt road next to a house. You take a left for the moment, but you then take the little concrete road that rises in front of you and that comes to a dead end after a few minutes - but there is a nice path that continues to climb, a little to the left. After a nice stretch, you arrive at a gravel road that you follow to the right, but soon you take a road to the left that becomes paved (cairn).

(0h27) Arriving near the top, you keep to the right onto concrete; the climb is steep for a moment, but then the road becomes a nice dirt road, with on the left with a valley and further on the small monastery of Agia Kyriakí.
Four minutes later, you veer left on a nice pavement; soon after, you go right between walls, in front of a gate and you still continue on beautiful slabs.

(0h35) After another 4 minutes, you pass between a large rock and the ruin of a small chapel: you continue to climb and after 3 minutes you veer right, along a row of cypresses, then left to cross a green valley. You arrive at a little road that becomes concrete, but you can almost immediately take a rocky trail to the left of a rock: it becomes a paved, then concrete road and gets to a cross-road – to the left you can enjoy a beautiful view!

(0h41) You climb to the right (cairn) and the road is still paved or concrete; already after 1-2 minutes, you get again to a cross-road, where you still go right. This road is at first paved, it passes between some houses and becomes gravel. At the moment you arrive at a fork and on concrete, you go left on a small gravel road towards a big, nice house: the paved road passes to the right of the house and a dexamení (water tank). You keep to the right on the trail between walls and already after one minute you get to the gravel road to Langáda - here you have a beautiful view on the coast, on Náxos and to the right on Irakliá.

(0h52) You follow this pleasant road to the left and you continue as on a balcony with a view over the east of the island and over Náxos. The road climbs slightly, then descends in a gentle valley with cypress trees and eucalyptus and rises again.
You pass next to a side road to Agii Akýndini (road sign), you climb towards the pass, you leave a second road on the left and you cross the windy pass straight on.

(1h06) You descend for 8 minutes with a deep valley on your right and with in front of you, in the sea, the islands of Ios and Síkinos. After 4 minutes, you leave a path on the right (cairns).

(1h17) Just beyond a hairpin bend, there is a trail that sharply goes to the left (cairn): this beautiful trail, paved here and there, winds in 9 minutes down and gets with some difficulty to a road to the left of a chapel.

The beginning of the path that descends to the chapel of Agios Nikólaos.

(1h26) You take a right – to the left the road leads to the monastery of Agios Geórgios – and you arrive, while keeping to the right, to the right of the chapel of Agios Nikólaos - it is open.

The chapel of Agios Nikólaos.

You continue to follow the road and soon you arrive on a nice pavement. As you veer left - there is an overgrown path on the right - the pavement becomes very nice, with large stones, and you zigzag down in the valley. You now follow a real kalderími, with beautiful brown stones, with very well laid out bends and a nice retaining wall. Especially after 9 minutes, there is a beautiful bend.


A nice spot on the kalderími to the valley of the Kavouropótamos.

(1h35) A minute later, you arrive for a few moments on a rocky path, but later on, the beautiful pavement begins again for some 6-7 minutes, with nice border stones and a series of very well constructed curves.


Very nice border stones...

... and beautiful constructed bends!

You arrive on some rocks, the paved path becomes narrower, but it remains paved until it reaches in zigzags the bottom of the valley.

[Two minutes before the kalderimi arrives in the valley, there is a nice path that starts to the left and that continues on the slope of the hill – this is the continuation of the walk [2] to Dryós.]

(1h43) You veer to the left and you go up a bit: the gravel road now follows the right slope of the valley. You keep to the right after 2-3 minutes and you get in this way, after a short paved stretch, to a concrete road.

(1h48) You take a left and you slowly climb above the pretty green valley, mostly on gravel. After 8 minutes, you arrive at the top: far ahead of you, you see the big white church on the left of Aspro Chorió, but first you describe a wide turn to the right.

(2h06) After another 9 minutes, you continue straight ahead – and you do NOT take a sharp left on a narrow gravel road. A minute later, you can go down on a path to the left and so you get to an asphalt road between the first houses of Aspro Chorió. You continue to the left between the houses of the village and after 6 minutes, you get to the main road. (2h15)

[You can wait for the bus here - so do not forget to ask for the bus schedules before you leave! You can also follow the road up to Dryós, but it would cost you half an hour of walking!]

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