Messariá - Ménites - Lámira - Messariá

Evaluation: This short and circular hike follows the greenest part of the hike going from Chóra to Ménites. All the time you walk in one of the most watery areas of the island, in the marvellous valley underneath Ménites. The hike gets an evaluation of ***.

Estimated time: The hike from Messariá to Ménites not even takes 25 minutes in actual walking time; from there to Lámira will cost you about 30 minutes and the return route to Messariá only takes 10-15 minutes. This actual walking time of a little over one hour refers to a hike of half a day: we took the bus to Messariá at noon, we had lunch in the tavern in Ménites, with a break of almost 2 hours, and we were already back in Messariá at 4pm.

Route description: [The busses from Chóra to Batsí and Gávrio or to Ormos Korthíou also pass in Messariá. Usually, but not always, they follow the road running underneath the village. You should ask the bus driver to get off at the trail that goes up, leading to the centre to Messariá in a couple of minutes ("Boríte na stamatísete kondá sto monopáti pou paď stin Messariá?").
In any case, you have to take the path that goes up on the right and to walk to the church; then you have to keep following the asphalt road until you get to the large outdoor terrace of the tavern of Diónysos; a little further down you can see the residential tower of Kaďri.]

The residential tower of Kaďri in Messariá.

(0h00) Just past the tavern of Diónysos you find a narrow street going to the right- over here you also see the trail marker [1] of the hike to Ménites. You go down the staircase and after one minute you take a left on another trail (note the blue dot): the concrete path runs along a small water shoot, above the green valley and with the village of Ménites in front of you. After some 3 minutes the trail turns into gravel and slightly further you go straight ahead twice ([1] or a blue dot) – the trail has turned into concrete again.

(0h10) Soon thereafter you reach a curve and you notice the trail marker [1] twice, just before two small bridges. You continue straight ahead, across the first bridge, but BEFORE the second bridge you take a green trail off the left (no indications!). This trail leads you through a green valley and it goes up. After a little under a minute you see a small water fall, on your left and on a very shaded spot.

A lot of water in the valley underneath Ménites.

You climb up on a rocky staircase, you cross a small gutter and you keep going up between lots of bushes and streaming water. After another 2-3 minutes you arrive at the corner of a house and you keep to the right [1]. You get to some concrete steps, you then cross another gutter and you walk for quite a while on the right-hand side of this gutter.
Some 6 minutes later you move away from the gutter, following a narrow earth path. You cross the gutter once more and you climb up again. Watch out now: about one minute further, in a curve where you notice the trail marker [1] twice, you should go up the staircase on the left – definitely BEFORE the bridge a little further down. This is a point where you will return later today.

Slightly further you keep to the right on a concrete stretch, but a little later you take a left, between houses and a tall and thin water fall. You keep going up on concrete steps and at the house with the no. 37 you go left; later on, when you reach a lot of water pipes, you take a right. By means of a few white steps you thus get back to the main street , underneath the church of Ménites. On the opposite side there is a beautiful well with five spouting lion heads and on the right you see the great terrace of the tavern of Pigés Karidhiés. (0h22)

The famous well in Ménites.

One of the spouting lion heads at the well in Ménites.

This is a marvellous spot to have a rest, under the large trees, midst the gurgling of the water of the wells and of the river in the deep valley. If you feel like eating something, you should try the fourtália, an omelette with potatoes and sausage...

After a break you can also climb to the church to admire the beautiful bas-reliefs dating from the year 1808.  

The church of Ménites.

A nice coat of arms on the wall of the church of Ménites .

(0h22) You then descend again and on the opposite side you continue going down the staircase. At the house with no. 53 you go straight ahead, but a little further you take a left sharply. Slightly further down you take a right and then you follow the staircase going down all the way. Finally, you get to the concrete path besides a water shoot. After about 4 minutes you arrive at a small waterfall, a little further down you take a right at a balustrade. Thereafter you DO NOT proceed straight ahead on a flat trail, but you take a sharp left onto a staircase.

(0h27) A little further you thus reach the path of hike no. [1]: you DO NOT take the trail on the right (which leads to Messariá), but you go left again ([1] and a blue dot). You thus cross the large bridge, you walk on a nicely paved stretch alongside a house and along some water where you can even spot little crabs. You then pass a pigeon tower and you continue on a beautiful and flat trail running above the valley.

A beautiful spot on the path [1] under Ménites.

A pigeon tower on the path from Ménites to Lámira.

You keep following the signs [1] and gradually you get closer to the houses of Messariá, on the opposite side of the valley. When you get to a trail off the right, you proceed straight ahead and further down, at a kind of crossing between walls, you go up on the left [1] – you have now been walking for 9 minutes since you crossed the large bridge.

One minute later you go through a metal gate and 4 minutes later through another small metal gate. After a horizontal stretch you now climb up again slightly; you get at the height of the Kaďri-tower and then, all of a sudden, you are really overwhelmed by the view on the village of Chóra, although still far away. The following stretch is marvellous again, sometimes between nice walls, until you reach a great spot, after another 5 minutes. You are now near a small bridge and underneath two beautiful maple trees and the trail curves to the right. On the left you notice an old stone with the inscription that this road was constructed by a certain K. Eilpeďri in 1912.

(0h47) You now get to some depressions in the trail, but you can continue straight ahead without problems until you reach a concrete trail midst the first houses of Lámira. Some metres further you get to another path where hike no. [1] goes to the left – there are quite a bit of water pipes and straight across the original white and blue chimney is really striking – the path on the left continues to Chóra, but you take a right now, in order to descend to Messariá.

(0h52) After a large number of steps you get to a junction, near a house: you keep to the right here and a little further you take a left. You thus walk along a nice row of cypresses, you take a right and you continue between beautiful walls.

The monopáti between Lámira and Messariá.

You descend into a green valley and over there, you reach an impressive footbridge that crosses a dry bed of a river (25th of September 2007).

The footbridge between Lámira and Messariá.

On the other side of the bridge you continue on an unambiguous trail between walls, which you follow for some 6 minutes. Finally, you arrive at the asphalt road, close to the first houses of Messariá. You follow this road to the right for about 4-5 minutes, past the school and the war monument, till you get to the church with the blue dome. Slightly further on and on the left you find a pleasant old shop with a nice café, which is basically always open. A little later, you reach the large tavern of Diónysos on the right – off season this tavern is often closed. 

This is the spot where you left for hike no. [1], some time ago. (1h05)

[Before departing you should not forget to write down the hours of the buses from Gávrio to Chóra, and you also have to inquire whether the bus passes through the narrow centre of Messariá, or whether it follows the ring road! The best thing to do is probably to wait at the junction of the central street and the ring road, before or after Messariá.]


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