Mylopótas - Sapounóchoma - Klíma and back

Evaluation: This nice hike follows the coast between Mylopótas and the bay of Klíma:  it offers beautiful trails and very nice views of the coast. Deserves ***.
[The translation of this walk was made with some help of Google translate - so, do not mind the mistakes...]

Estimated time: It takes 40 minutes (actual walking time) to get on top of the small beach of Sapounóchoma, then you need another 35 minutes to reach the beach of Klíma.
The way back takes about 1h20 (AWT), so that the actual walking time amounts to a total of 2h35. As usual, the total time (TWT) can amount to the double or even more - we walked from 10.30am to 4.30pm, which is six hours ...

Route description: [There is unfortunately no path from Chóra to Mylopótas. You should therefore take the bus in Chóra, on the right side of the large platía which lies between the two hills of Chóra, next to the Dimarchío (the town hall) and the Tourist Information Center. In May 2010, there were buses every hour + 5 minutes. The first part of the beautiful beach of Mylopótas is pretty quiet, but to start the walk, you have to continue until the last stop, near the Far Out Village. In summer, we were greeted by the loud music as Far Out is very popular among young people who like loud music and night life.]

The famous beach of Mylopótas.

(0h00) At the end of the beach, you see on the left side a rocky slope, with an electricity pole in the middle - at the edge of the road, there is a road sign 30 km/h and "slow-argá," and another sign "Health Care Center".
You climb the slope to the left and you quickly find a staircase, with now and then concrete steps. You quickly get a splendid view of the bay behind you, with the Far Out Village and the camping - if you look well, you can even see, on the ridge to the right of Chóra, the silhouette of the theater of Elytis!

Another view of the beach of Mylopótas.

After about 6 minutes, you arrive in a little valley: from there you have to climb without visible trail up to the gravel road - the last bit is quite difficult because of the stone rubble.

(0h10) Going a few meters to the left, you will find on the opposite side  the continuation of the walk, a narrow rocky path that moves away from the road. The trail climbs quickly, straight to the south, and in this way you cut a large bend of the road – to which you get again after 4 minutes. You follow the road to the right, for about 5 minutes, and you pass between heavily eroded rocks, with some beautiful taffonis. It is in the next bend to the left that you see on your right a narrow gravel road with a goat path to the left of it – it runs straight to the south (several red marks).

(0h19) You follow the small road, but it comes to a dead end after a few minutes: a beautiful rocky path continues between walls (red marks) – to the left, you see also a nice alóni or threshing floor. You descend into a valley, where you see the trail continuing on the other side.

The beginning of the trail to Klíma.

(0h25) You cross the river bed, to the right of a gravel track or on the track itself - it is here that you must pay attention on your way back! You get again between walls, the marks are blue now. A little later, you arrive in front of a deep valley: you go down and again, you see a staircase on the other side.
While climbing, you keep a little to the left, and at the top you still keep to the left - and in this way, you arrive to the right side of a wall.

[Here again, you will have to pay attention during the return: you should take the vague path to the left of the eroded rocks - it is a good idea to look about already now ...]

You take a narrow passage between walls, then the path bifurcates: this is a very beautiful spot, and often, many goats are here - also notice the beautiful taffoni on the right!
You go left while following a very eroded path, you find the normal path and for a few minutes, you walk around a very rocky valley shaped as an amphitheater.

The eroded path.

(0h35) Once arrived at the culminating point, you enjoy a beautiful view over the valley, the sea and the continuation of the trail. Your monopáti is very nice and clear now - and there are many red marks and crosses. You go around the valley to the right and you arrive at a beautiful cape, with again a splendid view of the small beach of Sapounóchoma and the island of Síkinos. A great spot to take some rest...

Panoramic view on Sapounóchoma.

(0h41) You continue as on a balcony, a very nice stretch, then you descend into a narrow valley leading down to Sapounóchoma. You go up again and a little further, your path seems to split up - but the two branches join later, near some rocks and some ruins of stables.

(0h48) Be careful, because you should continue on the LEFT side of the green bushes and the ruin - and you pass in this way through a narrow passage between a wall on the left side and the greenery – in front of you, you are already seeing the bay of Klíma and the islet in front of the coast.
You always continue as on a balcony and you see the line of the obvious trail down to the beach.
The trail is very rocky now, it descends quickly and gets to the gravel road that leads to Sapounóchoma - to the left of the blue gate that can block the road.

 (0h56) You go a few meters to the left and you find there the continuation of your trail (red mark). It descends into a little valley and goes up again, first on rocky steps, later on pale eroded rocks – this is the white trail you had seen from afar. At the top, you descend slightly to the right, then you see a little to the left how the path continues horizontally (blue and red marks). Shortly after, there is a bifurcation, where you can keep to the left or the right, because a little further, the branches meet again. You pass a final height and you thus arrive just next to the road.

(1h05) For a short time, the path is completely obstructed by vegetation and you make a small detour to the right. Very soon, your path becomes very nice again, with a beautiful view of the beach.
You descend faster than the road - but do not go too soon to the right towards the rocky part of the bay. Finally, you descend to the beach without a visible trail. You are almost always alone on this beautiful beach, but there is only one shed that can get you some shade ... (1h14)

The nice beach of Klíma.

Your way back follows the same route, but you should keep in mind that there are three difficult passages where you have to be careful and follow the directions carefully!

(1h14) The first difficulty is to find the trailhead for the return: starting from near the shelter, you ascend the slope towards the highest peak that you see in front of you in the distance. For a few moments there is a gravel path, then you continue almost horizontally above the rocky coast, while keeping to the LEFT of the two tufts of green bushes. It is not until afterwards that you go further to the right in the direction of the road - and automatically, you arrive at a clear path, bordered on the left by upright stones (there is also a cairn).
After 10 minutes, you arrive at the left of the road, where a large green bush stands  in your way: you go left, then right back to the trail that continues to the left of a wall. You can take a last look at the beach...

(1h25) But almost immediately, you should continue to the right of the wall, because the trail itself is overgrown. Pay attention: after a little less than 2 minutes, you descend to the left (there is a cairn) and you continue again on the obvious monopáti - from time to time, there are red marks or cairns.
After another 6 minutes, you descend on the white eroded rocks and you arrive in a sandy riverbed, full of oleanders.

(1h33) You go up a little and you arrive next to the blue gate on the gravel road that leads down to Sapounóchoma. A large cairn indicates, more or less opposite, the continuation of the trail.
The following section is splendid: at first, you climb fast, then more slowly while continuing as on a balcony. During the last part, you follow a wall and you get in this way to the culminating point, where you should pass through a narrow passage between the wall and bushes (red marks).

(1h43) Again, you have a beautiful view of the coast and on a clear day, on the island of Santoríni.
A short time, the path is obstructed by vegetation and you have to continue to the left of the trail. But soon, your monopáti becomes better and you descend into the narrow valley that leads to Sapounóchoma. You go up on a steep slope and you arrive at the marvellous panoramic view on Sapounóchoma, next to a photogenic little tree.

(1h51) A few minutes later, you reach the cape with the eroded rocks: in front of you lies the valley shaped as an amphitheater - your trail will surround it in 6 minutes. After this beautiful stretch, you do not continue straight, but you descend slightly to the left (cairn); after about 1 minute, the trail forks to the left and the right of a wall: you should take the RIGHT branch, because that passage through the hollow road is so beautiful. You discover now on the left and in front of you a strange rock in which you can distinguish a human head ...

The rock looks like a human head...

Two minutes later, the two paths join again and you will now descend on pale rocks without obvious path.

(2h01) It is here that the second difficulty appears: your path continues to the LEFT of a group of dark rocks, through a breach in the row of rocks. You then descend into a valley full of oleanders, you climb and descend again, then you cross a river bed on a gravel track or next to it.
A little further on, the trail seems to fork again - and here comes the third difficulty: you should absolutely NOT go to the left and follow the path that seems attractive and will pass after some time next to a sharp rock - if you see this rock, you have gone too far and you should retrace your steps!
Note that here there are marks and arrows that are quite disturbing ...
The right thing to do is to climb the rocky slope to the RIGHT: the trail is more or less invisible, but sometimes there are red marks. Already after a few minutes you will get to the gravel road, which after a few minutes, leads to the main road, where you take a left.

(2h14) You follow this road through an eroded landscape, with some beautiful taffonis. You pass a few quite abandoned farms, but soon you have beautiful views over the bay of Mylopótas and, in the distance, on the chapels of Chóra.
You opt for the easiest route and you do not seek for the vague trail that you followed during the way out. You thus continue to follow the gravel road and you arrive without any problems and after 19 minutes on the beach of Mylopótas. (2h33)

[The bus returning to Chóra leaves beside the Far Out Village - in 2010, there were buses every hour + 15 minutes.]



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