Ormos Korthíou - Panagía and back

Evaluation: This short walk almost entirely runs on paved or gravel roads - the path that appears on the maps of Anávasi and Terrain Maps is hard to find . The view at the top is really worthwhile. Deserves * .
[The translation of this walk was made with some help of Google translate - so, do not mind the mistakes...]

Estimated time
: It takes almost an hour, in actual walking time (AWT) , to reach the highest of the two chapels , the Panagía. The return takes a little less.

Route description: (0h00) You start, as in other walks starting from Ormos Korthíou,  near the bus stop and the roundabout with the ship’s mast, at the southeastern end of the pedestrian street Georgíou Psálthi. This time, you walk to the left of the hotel Korthíon while following the concrete and asphalt road that borders the beach. You can also follow the edge of the water on the long beach of Kadoúni .
After 5-6 minutes, you pass a small windmill (with the showers inside... ) and after a total of 11 minutes, the asphalt road turns left and continues beneath down a large property. You already have a beautiful view over the beach, the city, and higher over the village of Kochýlou, with the Paleókastro on its right, 586 meters high.

The Kadoúni beach, near Ormos Korthíou.

(0h11) You should continue to follow the new asphalt road for another 10 minutes: you pass next to the water treatment plant and then you go down a bit. The asphalt turns into gravel, you pass two chapels and a monopáti up to the right, that you do NOT take.

(0h23) The path that you see a few minutes later - where a concrete stretch begins – seems to be an interesting path, but it comes to a dead end later on...
You thus continue to follow the road, the concrete becomes gravel and you climb for another 14 minutes. You describe two hairpin turns, while keeping to the right in the first bend - and you are already seeing your goal at the top
in front of you. The road passes through a green valley and turns left.

(0h42) Five minutes later, in a bend, you have a splendid view over the bay, and again 6 minutes later, you can rest a little under a protruding rock, eroded by the wind - the beginning of a taffoni .
You can even , if you look out carefully , distinguish to the right of the cape of Ormos Korthíou, the beach and the rock of Tis Griás to Pídima !

(0h51) A few minutes later, there is finally a side road on the right, which leads to the two chapels. After another 5 minutes, you keep to the left and you pass above the small chapel of Agios Tryfoón, with its beautiful stone roof. It's worth-while  to have a closer look!

The chapel of Agios Tryfoón.

A little further and before the end of the road, you take for a short while a path to the right which leads up to the chapel of the Panagía. The chapel is open and there is also a table and a few benches. But there are also a few hives... (0h59)

The Panagía.

[On the slope of the opposite hill, you see another path: you probably could reach it by continuing beyond the Panagía - there is a trail that goes up and further on down to the right. This trail is difficult and, here and there, overgrown, but you can try it... ]

(0h59) The most simple solution is of course to return the same way:
- you follow the path , then the gravel road down to the main road
- you descend slowly while enjoying the wide views, and after 11 minutes, you cross the green valley
- you follow the hairpin bends, the descent is rather steep
(1h31) - you
pass Agios Fanourios, then the sewage treatment plant
- after another 10 minutes, you are back on the beach.

It is very pleasant to take a bath on the beach, but there is no shadow at all.

Finally, you return to Ormos Korthíou . ( 1h52 )

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