Ormos Korthíou - Tis Griás to Pídima and back

Evaluation: It is possible to reach the picturesque beach of Tis Griás to Pídima by car, but it is of course more pleasant to walk to that beach, by following some nice trails and a gravel road. The beach and the rock of Tis Griás to Pídima are truly exceptional! This the short walk deserves **, the beach is worth ***.
[The translation of this walk was made with some help of Google translate - so, do not mind the mistakes...]

Estimated time
: It costs only half an hour (AWT) to get to the beach ...

Route description: [You first should follow the same route as the first part of walk [3] to Kochýlou.]

At the bus stop and the roundabout with the ship’s mast, on the edge of Ormos Korthíou, you take the pedestrian street, the street between the Centro café-bar and the information office with the taxi rank. Further on, you see a first square, with the war memorial, the school and a sign giving more information about the hikes; a little bit further, there is the picturesque square Alíki Psálti with the cafe Diporto and a nice outdoor terrace under the mulberry trees - to your right there is a store where you can buy your drinking supply.
You go straight, you pass many shops and at the end of the pedestrian street, next to a bridge, you take a left, before or after the bed of the river - there is a signpost to the beach of Tis Griás to Pídima.

(0h05) After 1 minute there is a little concrete road on the right (again signposted to Tis Griás to Pídima), but you go straight, always following the little road on the right of the bed (signpost to Stíva Rogoú). In front of you, you have a very nice view over the villages of Rogó and Gianniséo.
Approximately 1-2 minutes later you take the beautiful path off the right, which runs between walls – on the right of a gate (first trail marker [3]). Over the next 3 minutes the nicely paved path runs between high walls - the monopáti is sometimes paved with uneven stones.

The beginning of path [3] to Kochýlou and to Tis Griás to Pídima..

At first, the trail continues between beautiful high walls...

... further on, the uneven pavement is quite nice

(0h10) After a little over 3 minutes you cross an asphalt road (leading also to the beach of Tis Griás to Pídima), but on the opposite side you continue to follow walk [3] and take the little concrete road that replaces the old path [3]. Fortunately, the beautiful paving recommences rather soon and you get a nice view over the whole bay. You climb steadily, but then you reach a concrete road – to the right there is another sign post to Tis Griás to Pídima.

[Straight across, walk [3] continues, on the right of a large villa [3].]

(0h15) Here you leave the route of walk [3] and you follow the gravel road to the right, with a beautiful view on Ormos Korthíou and the entire valley.
About 9-10 minutes later, you also get very nice views of the rocky coast, and you continue to follow the bends of the road.

(0h27) After having followed the road for a total of 12 minutes, you arrive in a slight depression, where cars can be parked at the roadside. A path descends to the right, near a small low building in natural stone (little sign).
The trail descends rapidly, farther, the path is bordered by a wooden railing, and then appears in front of you the magnificent rock of Tis Griás to Pídima! (0h33)

The path descends to the beach of Tis Griás to Pídima.

The beach itself is quite small, but it is a beautiful sandy beach, which is dominated by the splendid solitary rock. There is only shadow of some rocks - in summer, it is better to arrive early, before the arrival of the other swimmers...
The name "Tis Griás to Pídima" means "the jump of the old woman." According to a legend, the Turks had convinced an elderly woman and her daughter to seek refuge in the – until that day - impregnable fortress of the Apáno Kástro, situated high above Kochýlou. The woman opened the door to the Turks, but later she could no longer bear the shame, she jumped into the sea and was changed into a rock.


The impressive rock of Tis Griás to Pídima.

(0h33) The return is self-evident:
- you climb onto the gravel road where you take a left
- in the bend to the right, you should continue on the wider road
- after 12 minutes of gravel road, you take the path down to the left between walls (to the right, walk [3] goes up, to the right of the large villa)
- you cross the asphalt road and continue down on the opposite side
- once arrived in the valley, you take a left, and near the bridge, you turn right to follow the pedestrian street until you reach the roundabout. (1h01)

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