Ormos - Chóra

Evaluation: This short hike connects Ormos, the small harbour of Ios (Ormos = anchorage place) with Chóra. It gets an evaluation of **. 

Estimated time: Some 20 minutes are sufficient to finish this hike.

Route description: (0h00) From the landing stage of the harbour you take a right (when standing with your back to the sea), in the direction of the taverns and outdoor terraces. After 1 minute already you go left, at the bust of Homer (according to tradition Homer died on Ios). After 2-3 minutes on the asphalt road, with high in front of you the 3 small churches on the hill top, you arrive at a slope, leading to the staircase, on the right-hand side of the war monument.

(0h03) The beautiful staircase goes up between houses and flowers and after 6 minutes it passes the gymnasium. 

The path from Ormos to Chóra.

Some 10 minutes later you cross the asphalt road, next to the remains of the ancient town wall.

Remains of the ancient town wall.

You continue straight ahead and you thus reach a more modern staircase, on the left of the large church with the blue dome, the mitrópoli or main church.

(0h19) Quite soon you get to a pleasant little square: towards the left (on the left of the shop Theros) you find the beginning of the most important shopping street of Chóra, the Odós Syndésmou Iítoon: this street can lead you to the wind mills in about 5 minutes and it is also the beginning of the hikes to Agios Ioánnis and Agios Prokópios.
The Odós Mitropóleoos on the right brings you to the back side of the large church, then to two small churches and further to the large platía.

The picturesque little church next to the Mitrópoli.

For the rest of the visit to the town of Chóra, see the description of the walks through Chóra.

[For the opposite hike, from Chóra to Ormos, you leave from the foot of the large church with the blue dome. You go down the staircase for about 1 minute, you cross the asphalt road and you keep descending via the paved street for about 10-11 minutes. You then go left on the asphalt road and you thus easily arrive at the small harbour.]



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