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Walking, hiking and trekking on SERIFOS




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   - Artemis
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(last update on the 26th of February 2022)

*** = very beautiful

**** = exceptional

+ Gpx = with Gpx-file

1. Agia Marína - Agia Thékla - Kefála - Karavás and back

2. Agia Thékla - Liómantra - Avessalós and back

3. Chóra ***

4. Chóra - Gýftika - Profítis Ilías - Ríki - Koutalás

5. Chóra - Gýftika - Protórgia - Vársamo - Panagiá - Diaséla - Vounáki - Páno Stavrós - Chóra ***  + Gpx

6. Chóra - Gýftika - Protórgia - Vársamo - Panagiá - Gýftika - Chóra ***  + Gpx

7. Chóra - Páno Stavrós - Kallítsos - Moní Taxiárchoon - Vounáki - Páno Stvrós - Chóra***  + Gpx

8. Chóra - Páno Stavrós - Kallítsos - moní Taxiárchoon - Galaní - Panagiá - Chóra

9. Kallítsos - Profítis Ilías - Triantáfyllos - Panagía Skopianí - Kallítsos ***

10. Livádi - Agios Ioánnis - Psíli Ammos - Livádi

11. Livádi - Chóra  + Gpx

12. Livádi - Chóra - Psilí Ammos - Livádi

13. Livádi - Livadákia - Rámmos - Kaló Ambéli and back

14. Panagiá - Sykamiá - Galaní ***  + Gpx

15. Panagiá - Vársamo - Panagía Kamarotí - Pyrgí and back ***

16. Pýrgos - Galaní - Sykamiá - Skála and back ****  + Gpx

17. Pýrgos - Galaní - Sykamiá - Panagiá - Pýrgos ***

18. Sykamiá - Vatoúdi - Pyrgí and back ***

19. Xemónia - Aspros Pýrgos - Koutalás and back


Sérifos is situated between Kýthnos and Sífnos. Its surface area is 75 km2 and the population consists of about 1100 people.

The boat line from the Piraeus which first goes to Kýthnos, also brings you to Sérifos and Sífnos; you reach the port of Sérifos, Livádi, after a boat trip of about 4 hours.
It is the Adamántios Koraïs that takes care for this line.
In Summer there are also quick trips with the High Speed.
The A
rtemis takes care, three times a week, for a connection between Sýros and Páros, Sérifos, Sífnos and Mílos.

Sérifos is especially attractive because of the beautiful location of Chóra, and because of some very picturesque villages and really nice beaches.

Livádi is the name of the port of arrival and from this village the beautiful beach of Livadáki is in easy reach. There are busses to connect Livádi with Chóra and a few times a day some busses continue to other villages in the interior of the island. Chóra, which is the main village, can be reached via a nice flight of steps as well. The location of Chóra is really exceptional and the view from the highest chapel is absolutely great.  In the interior of the island you can also visit Panagiá (with a one thousand-year-old-church), Galaní and Kallítsos (ndarchos). In between Galaní and Kallítsos there is the wonderful monastery Moní Taxiárchoon, which dates from the 1500s. 

Nice beaches are to be found in Livadáki, in Psilí Ammos, in Agios Ioánnis (on the east coast), and also at Koutalás and Méga Livádi in the southwest. There are also some lonely bays such as the beautiful beach of Sykamiá.

Sérifos offers a couple of very nice hikes: there is the fairly long hike from Chóra, via Kallítsos, Galaní and Panagiá and then back to Chóra. There are some beautiful alternatives, though, to Agios Ioánnis and Psilí Ammos. The hikes no.4 and 5 in the valley between Galaní, Panagiá and the bay of Sykamiá are also marvellous.

For a short time now there are about eight hikes on the island of Sérifos which are very well indicated and signposted. In the summer of 2007 we could even claim that the best indicated hikes of the entire Cyclades are to be found on Sérifos! Therefore, the following hikes are really easy to follow, even without a route description:
- hike [A]: Livádi - Chóra
- hike [1]: Chóra - Kallítsos (or Kéndarchos)
- hike [2]: Chóra - Gýftika
- hike [3]: Xemónia - Koutalás
- hike [4]: Gýftika - Protórgia - Vársamo - Panagiá
- hike [5]: Panagiá - Sykamiá
- hike [6]: Pýrgos - Galaní - Sykamiá
- hike [10]: Kallítsos - Profítis Ilías - Triantáfyllos - Panagía Skopianí - Kallítsos.

There are also some interesting sites that will help you to prepare your hikes:

*  the organisation Paths of Greece, that also is present on the islands of Sífnos and Kýthira, presents a nice site with the 8 signposted hikes, under the title « Paths of Iron and Stone » - see

* there is also the large site that gives 20 short or rather long hikes.

A very good map has been published in the Topo-series of the publishing house Anávasi (a new edition dates from 2017), with all the hiking trails ; on the back there are detailed maps of 10 walks, 8 of which are signposted.

n spring 2009 a very good and very clear map came out in the series of Terrain Maps.

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The splendid panoramic view on Livádi and Chóra


The view over the bay of Livádi from the highest point in Chóra

The church of Panagiá (about 1000 after Chr.)

 The monastery of Taxiárchoon

 The bays of Psilí Ammos and Agios Ioánnis

The monopáti to Agios Ioánnis