Strapouriés - Ano Pitrofós - Paleópolis

Evaluation: This hike runs through a good part of Andros - and if you leave from Chóra , it will cross the entire island from east to west. The trails are beautiful, a real pleasure for all those who love nature and walking. Therefore deserves the maximum of ****.
[The translation of this walk was made with some help of Google translate - so, do not mind the mistakes...]

Estimated time: The walk up to Ano Pitrofós takes in actual walking time (AWT) some 1h15, then you need 55 minutes to reach the birfurcation of the paths to Ano Aprovátou and Paleópolis, and then another 50 minutes to arrive down in Paleópolis. The AWT thus amounts to a total of exactly three hours. We walked from 11am to 4.30pm, a total time (TWT) thus of 5h30.
If you want to cross the entire island, starting from Chóra, we refer to the first part of the hike Chóra - Strapouriés - Ménites - but do not forget that, in this case, you should add 1h25 to the actual walking time…

Route description: [You begin this walk along the asphalt road in Strapouriés, near the tavern I Terpsichóri Pertési, which is situated on the right, a little away from the road - unfortunately it is usually closed off season.]  

[Just past the tavern, at the corner of a concrete wall, you can see a staircase on the right. On the steps you find the trail marker [10] – the beginning of the hike to Evrousés...]

(0h00) Today you keep following the main road – thus in the direction of Ménites and away from the church -  until you have passed the small sports field. At the foot of a rock you then see a concrete staircase, which goes up on the right-hand side of the road. There is a hiking sign “Ano Pitrofós 1h45 / Paleópolis 3h10 / Ano Aprovátou 4h10” and on the rock you note the trail marker [9].

The trail head of walk [9] in Strapouriés.

You go up between some houses and soon you get to a beautiful old trail with nice steps; you pass through a little gate and after about 3 minutes you keep to the left ([9] a little further). You pass another little gate with an obstacle of branches and you thus continue high above the valley, with a view on Chóra.


At first a nice climb, then a flat stretch above the valley of Ménites.

(0h07) Slightly further you walk on some concrete for a short while, you cross the little road and the old trail continues straight ahead, on the right-hand side of a stable [9]. A little later, you keep to the right at a bifurcation [9] and the nice trail rises gradually between rather high walls. After another 3 minutes you veer left between cypress [9] and you continue to climb between walls. You thus walk between beautiful walls up to the left of the green hill - the view is still beautiful: in the valley you distinguish the elongated village of Messariá, and on the opposite side the monastery of Panachrántou with the villages of Fállika, Kouréli and Sasá (from left to right).

(0h19) You go down now, you get on a thick carpet of leaves next to beautiful trees and you descend rapidly until you reach a path on the left, under nice plane trees - you continue straight up [9]. A little further, you keep of course a little to the left [9] and after another 4 minutes, you reach a beautiful double junction, with many water pipes: the left path goes down to Ménites - see the walk Chóra - Strapouriés – Ménites. Further, there is another path on the right, but your walk [9] continues straight (the [9] had disappeared in 2013 ... ). You proceed more or less horizontally, next to 3-4 water pipes, and after a pleasant end, you come next to a very simple chapel - you are just above Ménites now.

(0h30) A little further you descend into a little valley – there is still a little water in the bed (12 October 2013); you go up again and you get a more open ground, where the trail continues between beautiful walls, which are so typical for Andros – with pieces of normal walls, alternating with vertically erected and sometimes sharp plates [9].

The path continues between splendid walls!

 Further, you also note on top of the left wall a row of stones set vertically.

A nice detail...

A few minutes later, you descend a little to a shady spot under cypress and plane trees, and you veer to the left next to a large rock [9]. Notice also the nice breakthrough into a wall, which offers a beautiful view of the surroundings, with an alóni below you.

A nice breakthrough...

The trail continues pleasantly and almost horizontally, always with the splendid view of the valley full of cypress.

(0h42) You reach a slight depression where the trail continues straight uphill between walls and on a pretty bare slope. On the rounded ridge, you notice many walls, often with flat and sharp stones; when you come against one of these walls, you take a RIGHT to continue between two rows of sharp plates in the direction of a wide crossroads.


Between very nice walls, with pointed stones...

(0h47) When you arrive in the middle of this crossroads - which actually forms a large X - you take a sharp LEFT to follow the other "leg" of the X; you arrive in this way at the continuation of your path, where you go RIGHT – so you again can follow a flat monopáti, southward.

[You could follow a shorter path: when you take the first right, you could also continue straight to take a shortcut between the two legs of the X ...]

You climb the bare hill and you see how the trail continues far ahead of you on the next slope.

(0h55) But first you descend to the right, in a valley that is now desolate because of a fire (October 2013) - below, you take a sharp left. It takes a rather long time to cross the broad ridge, but then you discover Káto Pitrofós, which is already close enough.

(1h04) You go down , but a little more than a minute later, you go RIGHT on a triangular spot - the trail that continues straight ahead is blocked by a gate,  it leads to Káto Pitrofós, with its red roofed church and the blue dome.
You climb quickly, while continuing in a blackened landscape because of the fire; farther you continue more or less on a gravel road that arrives on the top after 8 minutes in total - Ano Pitrofós is no longer so far.

(1h14) You arrive at a little concrete road, you descend for a moment to the left, but there is immediately a path on the right, next to an electricity pole [9]. Once arrived under a white chapel, you go left, then you descend between high walls and you get by a concrete staircase to an asphalt road. A little further on, there is on your right side an abundant source with a funny small table + bench [9].
You follow the road and you arrive in this way  near the olive mill of Chelmi, with a small museum - see  

The building with the olive mill in Ano Pitrofós.

Just beyond the mill, there is a white staircase that goes up to the right (hiking sign + [ 9]), you veer left, then you still walk up a white staircase (2 X [9]) and you arrive next to the Barberi-source with its washing-place.

The Barberi source in Ano Pitrofós.

You still go up between the last houses on concrete steps, and you thus get to a small cemented path. Attention: when it veers down to the left, near the last house, you should continue STRAIGHT, climbing a small slope between a stable and an alóni on your left side [9]. You follow the small gravel road for a little less than 2 minutes, and then you do not continue to go down, but you take the rocky path to the left of a wall, right in front of you ([9] a bit later).

(1h26) At first, this trail is narrow because of the vegetation, but later it becomes a beautiful rocky trail [9]. The pavement , with its large flat slabs, becomes very nice, and you continue winding, up and down ...

(1h35) You cross a wonderful little bridge made of three large flat stones, then you ascend quickly on a staircase.


A splendid little bridge, and then a very nice climb... 

While veering to the right, you pass next to some large rocks, and you reach a triangular spot where you continue to the right [9]. You still go up,  sometimes on beautiful flat slabs.

Another nice path! 

You arrive on a rocky plateau between walls, with a very large view - a nice spot for a picnic?

(1h45) You continue until the walls come together – in the direction of the crest of the hill and the high-voltage line. You slowly veer right, during the crossing of the broad hill ridge. The pavement with the flat slabs is now simply splendid!

The end of a beautiful stretch... 

(1h52) You get in a riverbed, where you step with some difficulty over the water on step stones. After another 4 minutes, you step over a water shoot that comes from the slopes on the right – this is again a splendid stretch.

Always those big flat slabs! 

(1h58) A normal path continues between walls; after a few minutes, you follow the right wall, then you again arrive between two walls - and so you continue until you get to a rocky gravel road.

(2h05) You take a right here [ 9], but already after 2-3 minutes, next to a sharp stone with a [9] on it, you go left again.

Here, the path continues to the left.

The trail is vague at first, it continues in the direction of a high tension pylon, but later it becomes more obvious (blue mark): you follow a wall and further, you get again between 2 walls.

(2h09) This is the point where you should take a sharp LEFT, along a wall that comes from the left (hiking sign Paleópolis).

[The trail that continues straight leads to Ano Aprovátou - see the walk Ano Aprovátou - Ano Pitrofós and back.]

The hiking sign on the cross-roads to Chóra (Strapouriés), Ano Aprovátou and Paleópolis. 

The vague trail continues for 2-3 minutes just next to a wall, then you again get to a gravel road - you continue on the opposite side (2 X [9] ). You walk until you get next to a high voltage pylon ([9] on a rock next to the pylon), then you descend to the right of a wall on a stony subsoil (big cairns), until you arrive at a passage in a low wall [9]. You still go down between converging walls, but the path is now clear. You veer to the right, the trail is a bit overgrown and arrives at a stretch which is covered by marram grass.

(2h17) It is better to get to the terrace on the right side of path, but already after one minute, you again can descend to the real path, which is better now - you see how it continues far ahead. After another overgrown section, your progress gets  better and you arrive at a spot where the walls diverge again.

The path is nice again... 

(2h21) You step over a heavy water pipe and you follow the right wall, then the left ([9] on the right wall). You then arrive in front of a valley covered by vegetation: you first cross it until you arrive against a cross-wall - and it 's only then that you should take a left, to continue along this wall (cairn). You arrive at very green spot, where you continue to the RIGHT between two walls [9]. What follows now is a very nice stretch, slightly downhill - vegetation sometimes hinders you... You continue right to the sea, hoping to discover a first panorama...

(2h30) When the walls diverge again [9], you follow the right wall, but then you zigzag left and right, and then - when the walls diverge again - you clamber down to the RIGHT - and now, finally you get a beautiful view of the valley of Paleópolis.
Further, you veer to the far left, then to the right again. You continue to zigzag - for some time, the descent is very steep on marram grass - and you still veer left. Now you get a beautiful view over the bay, with its ancient submerged harbour dam.

A little further, there is a nice spot where you can take a little rest, and then, the rapid descent continues, always with beautiful views.

A steep descent! 

(2h43) Shortly after you pass through a breach in a wall, near a stable, and then you continue under beautiful trees bent by the wind - a very nice stretch again!
After that stretch, you start to zigzag next to the wall, and you arrive at the right of bizarre rocks - near the second group of rocks, you could go left to enjoy the view over the valley!

(2h48) Pay attention: you should descend to the right here, next to a wall ([9] on a rock ), toward the high rock face. You descend quickly, and while keeping to the right, you get just next to that rock face, then on the left side-hand of a small pond. You veer to the left, further to the right again: the rocky descent is steep and difficult, but the view of the many cypress trees in the valley is magnificent.


Marvellous panoramic views!

(2h54) You take a right on a sort of side-path and arrive on a dark and narrow path between a wall and abundant vegetation - the trail is covered with water for a few times, then it gets better, and rocky and uneven. You always descend quickly: you keep to the left on a rocky spot on a few steps [9], and continue then to the right, along a wall. The trail continues almost horizontally now, to the right of a wall crowned by a fence, and you arrive in this way via 10 concrete steps to the asphalt road in Paleópolis. (3h00)

The end - ot the beginning - of the trail [9] in Ano Paleópolis.

[You can return to Chóra by bus - so do not forget to ask for the bus schedules before leaving.]

[It may be possible to continue the descent until the – not so nice - pebble beach of  Paleópolis, a descent of 700 steps! See the short walk Paleópolis - Agia Eleoúsa – beach of Paleópolis and back.]

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